Bloom’s Taxonomy and Differentiated Learning

As a junior high Social Studies teacher I have strived to make learning interesting, but more importantly accessible to all my students. Utilizing Bloom’s Taxonomy has shown to be an invaluable resource because it provides a type of check list that can be followed to insure that the teaching lessons I am developing will address the learning, teaching, and assessing that is necessary for meeting the lesson’s intended educational objectives. Working in unison with Bloom’s Taxonomy are the various strategies offered by differentiated learning that will ensure that this learning is going to reach the widest intended student audience. Differentiated instruction is a method of designing and delivering instruction to best reach each student.Employing a combination of both of these important teaching strategies helps to ensure that a higher percentage of student learning needs are being met.

About Perspectives of the Past

Perspectives of the Past has been created for online instructors, high school and undergraduate students who are either developing, taking classes in history, or who intend to major in history in college. The purpose of Perspectives of the Past is to aid in the preparation and participation of history classes in order to make the time spend in class more enjoyable and proficient.

Perspectives of the Past contains excellent examples of book reviews, research papers, précis, and historiography papers from courses in American Western, Middle Eastern, Public, Russian, American/Asian Diplomatic, United States, and the Military history of World Wars I and II.

Perspectives of the Past also contains an intellectual autobiography, for those of you who are thinking of pursuing graduate work in history.

Perspectives of the Past has first and foremost been developed in the spirit of wisdom and knowledge, while also providing an alternate way of investigating historical concepts and problems. Feel free to send me your comments.